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Subaru Megaman Starforce Genderbender by CrimsonFoxglove
Subaru Megaman Starforce Genderbender
Another genderbender with more to come. Nothing more to say really. 
Megaman NT Warrior Sisters by CrimsonFoxglove
Megaman NT Warrior Sisters
Another gender bender, this time with Saito and Netto. This idea spawned from a few fic's I read where Netto died (usually from the same heart disease that killed Saito) and to save his son, Netto's father turned him into a net navi just like what he did with his brother.

Only here, Netto and Saito are girls and of course their dad is going to upgrade the heck out of his little girls who are now solo net navi's. The fact that Netto attracts trouble like a magnet practically makes the upgrade a necessity. 


Saito can now use any battle chip program she has ever used and can also upload new battle chip programs into herself. She is also able to use her soul unison programs (Blues Soul, Roll Soul, Guts Soul, etc.) without a netop to upload the chips to her - they are in her programming now; same with her Beast Out ability.

However this doesn't make her all powerful. If she where to get in a fight she could either use mostly battle chips - swords, cannons, bombs, etc. - and use one, maybe two, Soul Unison's, or she could use mostly Soul Unison's - somewhere between five and ten - and only use a few battle chips and usually only one's that match whatever Soul Unison she is using (Fire Soul uses mostly fire chips, Wood Soul uses wood chips, things like that). When she is using Beast Out, Saito can't use any battle chips or Soul Unison's and the longer she stays in her beast form the harder her "crash" will be when she cancel's the ability, leaving her very weak and vulnerable for a few hours, days or even weeks.


Netto has very few built in abilities - she has several swords and cannons so she can do a few program advance's and she has some barrier chip programs but compared to her sister she doesn't really have that many chip abilities. The special ability that her father programmed her with is the ability to manipulate the raw data that pretty much makes up the entire internet. She can change an attack into something harmless or redirect it back at the attacker. She can even manipulate the data that makes up net navi's, preventing them from attacking at all.

The downsides are understanding and speed. In order to actually manipulate the data and code, she has to understand what she's looking at and what she's looking for. Otherwise the information is just gibberish. In my head cannon, Netto is pretty smart when it comes to codes - something that runs in the family - but she is still young and she isn't a genius so she can only do so much (which, in a fight, is still a lot). Next is speed. Even with her now computerized mind, Netto can only process things so fast. She needs time to analyze the data, actually process it and then change it. She can handle simple coded attacks at fast speeds - like say, a buster shot or a bomb or something - and either change the direction of the attack or turn it into something else. Complex or large attacks at fast speeds - like program advance or Forte's Earth Breaker - need to either be changed to be somewhat weaker while she puts up a barrier or she just need to dodge it entirely. There's also the fact that she can't focus on more than one or two attacks at a time, which can leave her open.


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